Are these the 10 best TV series of all time?

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Four women in New York, one man with winning sales speeches, a chemistry teacher who gets into drug business, a mad scientist and a neurotic grandson – are just a few of the characters we'll remember forever

1. Breaking Bad

The crime drama starring Brian Cranston has brought into our lives Walter (Walt) White, the chemistry teacher who gets bad news and decides it's the best time to become a drug dealer.

During the five seasons of the series, Walter, who began as a positive character who drifts into crime only to provide his family after his death, is drawn to the dark side, until he becomes a brutal and formidable criminal who plays a major role in the drug market. The series was successful among viewers and critics alike, thanks to dramatic elements as well as breathtaking moments of suspense.

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2. Game of Thrones

The most talked about television event of the previous decade managed to turn the book series "A Song of Fire and Ice" from a nerds-only thing into a show that millions around the world watched with beating hearts and had a hard time waiting patiently for every next episode.

The high-budget series brought to the screen kings, princesses, dragons and a frozen version for zombies, but will be remembered mostly thanks to the unexpected moves that left us speechless, and of course, some of the most cruel characters ever seen on screen. The Last season did disappoint some viewers, but we are all still waiting for the sequel – maybe there the ending will be better.

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3. Lost

The sensation of the first decade of the millennium, with the first episode being one of the most intriguing we’ve seen. But those who hoped to get answers to questions later in the viewing, found that the question marks only multiply from chapter to chapter.

The group of passengers, who on the face of it are not connected at all, and find themselves on a lonely island after their plane crash, fascinated us with a variety of intrigues and quarrels over the leadership, all of which are joined by more and more supernatural elements.

To the chagrin of many viewers, the final season of "Lost" is considered particularly disappointing, leaving a sour taste for a TV experience that was almost perfect.

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4. Seinfeld

There seems to be no need to present the "Show about nothing", as stated in one of the episodes, in a thick allusion to the series itself. American comedian Jerry Seinfeld, along with Larry David, created the series in the 1990s about a comedian of his character, and his friends George, Elaine and Kramer, though it's hard to understand what exactly made them friends – we did not exactly see any sign of affection between them.

This was probably the breakthrough of the series, which brought to the screen cynicism in particularly large quantities, and left us quite a few immortal quotes, from "No Soup for You," to "You Must See the Baby" and "Yada Yada Yada."

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5. Friends

In the '90s, members of "Seinfeld" competed for the title of best comedy series, with each series having its own fans. "Friends" was a more traditional series, a kind of familiar situation comedy centered on a group of three men and three women, all young and single. Over the years they got married, separated, progressed and went through a variety of adventures together.

Today, "Friends" seems to have won, with countless reruns and a young audience, not yet born when it aired, but able to quote entire episodes with pleasure.

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6. The Simpsons

With 32 seasons and more than 700 episodes since 1989, this is the longest animated series ever aired in the United States. Cartoon heroes, it turns out, have a major advantage: they never age. Thus, Bart Simpson is forever the naughty boy, his sister Lisa is the nerdy student and their little sister Maggie is still a baby attached to her pacifier.

With a dumb dad and a kind mother, along with eccentric sub-characters that populate the fictional city of Springfield, in each episode the creators manage to write a funny plot that addresses America's social and political issues and remains relevant. Even the opening of the series occasionally contains small and amusing surprises.

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7. The Walking Dead

Since 2010, Sheriff Rick Grimes and his small gang have been trying to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, with gangs of man-eating zombies roaming the streets. This horror drama has been praised for the fact that more than the zombies themselves, it focuses on the surviving humans, the various groups seeking refuge – and the power struggles between them.

Even after the destruction of most of the human race, it turns out, human beings are not necessarily happy to cooperate with each other and leave behind evil and cruelty.

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8. Sex and the City

An entire generation of young women defined themselves by the resemblance to one of the main characters: Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha. Between sumptuous breakfasts, walking the streets of New York, parties and lots and lots of fashion, the four girlfriends discover truths about themselves and romantic relationships.

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9. Mad Men

And from a series about women, to a series centered on one man, who may be the essence of the old-fashioned masculinity: Don Draper is a perfect, handsome, brilliant and assertive macho, whose women in his life are usually just a beautiful accessory.

The advertising agency around which the series revolves allows it to present an accurate picture of America in the 1960s, and the gradual transition to a new culture, that of flower children and rock and roll. Along the way, we get to know Draper in depth – and discover that not always, what we see is what is inside.

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10. Rick and Morty

Speaking of an adult-only animated series, Rick and Morty are the best example. With two characters overlapping each other based on Marty and Doc from "Back to the Future", who became the nerdy and neurotic boy Morty, and Rick Rick – the crazy, brilliant and egocentric scientist, this is a series that should be kept away from children. Not only because of the abundance of rudeness in the series, but also because of its surprising depth, which often creates particularly dark moments.

In one cartoon minute of the series there are punches, references and jokes that can suffice for an entire season in an average comedy, and often at the end of the viewing, the question pops into our minds what exactly we saw here.

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