First-Class Georgia: SUVs, helicopter flights and lakefront massages

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Not for the faint-hearted: Israeli company ACLASSA TRAVELERS, a pioneer in luxury trips to Georgia – combines extreme travel with the latest and safest tools in the world, luxury hotels and a host of treats for the body and mind.

In recent years, Israeli tourists have discovered a new destination, combining beautiful views, welcoming residents – and feasts fit for a king with incredible food.

But few know that Georgia has a lot to offer for high-profile travelers who require a lot more creativity, less-traveled routes, without giving up on the many perks they are used to in places like Las Vegas, the Maldives, the Bahamas, and other premium destinations.

When it comes to Extreme Tours – first-class travelers in Israel have a clear preference for safe and well-maintained SUVs, accompanied by the best guides, with each day ending at luxurious hotels with gourmet meals in Georgia's most esteemed restaurants, or outdoors.

This trip includes a lot more than just SUVs, hotels and restaurants: Among the many treats, affluent travelers enjoy lakeside massages, thrilling rafting, helicopter rides, hot air ballooning and paragliding in breathtaking areas, horseback riding and the colorful capital of Georgia – Tbilisi.

Into the wild with the best vehicles in the world

Currently, Israeli AclassA Travelers is offering VIP tours to Georgia with new and high standards, just two hours away from Israel. The company's tour packages are designed to fulfill wishes and dreams – enabling you to enjoy Georgia's wild landscapes, with modern, comfortable and well-equipped machinery.

"Most of Georgia's current field trips are very limited in scope and with poor conditions," explains Asaf Artzi, a Georgia native and owner of AclassA Travelers. "In most cases, these are only a few hours of travel, limited to a specific area of the country – where the SUVs are located, as there is difficulty in moving them from place to place."

These trips are only suitable for small groups because of the lack of tools, and often some participants have to sit or stand in the back of the ATV or buggy, and there is a real danger to human lives, as in the case of a car accident. In many cases, some vehicles break down during the trip, and guests must wait while things are repaired, or, the arrival of an alternate vehicle which takes hours – so your trip is essentially wasted and you don't take advantage of the scenery and the experience."

To bring the word about Georgia's prestigious field trips, Artzi founded the company that offers luxurious conditions for groups of between 15 and 40 participants, with a special emphasis on safety. AclassA owns a large number of new SUVs – CAN-AM MAVERICK, recognized as the best in the world, and of course, with all the additional protective equipment and accessories, including professional and closed helmets, gloves, knee, and elbow pads, storm jackets when needed, and more.

Target audience: affluent hikers, outdoors people who like getting pampered

"VIP trips planned down to the smallest details"

The comfort and security provided by AclassA attract mostly affluent travelers, who are looking for a stay in nature, close to the land, but also the ultimate luxury experience. Among other things, the company offers bar and bat mitzvah tours, recruitment or release parties, bachelor parties and more.

"We plan a custom-made trip for the team and there is no challenge that we have not met," he emphasizes.

Shalom, a resident of the Southern Region, went on an extreme trip to Georgia with his 25-year-old son and says it exceeded all expectations: "The experiences were so surprising, exciting and incredible, we enjoyed every moment of the wild nature, the amazing hotels and the people we spent time with on the trip.

 We have already embarked on a lot of extreme adventures in Israel and abroad, but in Georgia, it was a different level, different from what we had done until then. The trip was organized in great detail, and we received a VIP treatment which made it a perfect experience."

"We can plan last-minute trips"

The company is also well-prepared for trips in national parks where there is no entry for motorized vehicles – with a fleet of 14 EZRAIDER electric vehicles. "Hiking or horseback riding in parks is very limited," he says, "but our hikers can see a lot more of the park – when they enjoy a driving experience with maximum comfort and safety. They can travel while sitting, with all their personal belongings with them," Artzi explains.

"All of our equipment is new, well-maintained and well cared for. Their phenomenal transitional capability allows us to go with our hikers on a particularly challenging field trip where jeeps do not travel, it is an exciting trip that can last up to six days. Each trip includes escort and assistance vehicles, replacement vehicles and accompanying technical staff – to deal with any problems that may occur.

"We can move the tools for a trip to the entire Caucasus region, planning down to the last detail. If we are available – we have the option of organizing trips even on short notice, at the location of our travelers' choice," he concludes.

What does an extreme trip look like with ACLASSA?
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