A professor from Israel has developed an amazing method against skin aging

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The "Booster" mask developed by Dov Ingman, a retired professor from the Israel Institute of Technology, has already sold more than 12 million units worldwide and changes the way wrinkles are treated

How many times have you come across false promises from cosmetics companies that promise to solidify the skin, eliminate wrinkles and restore youthful radiance?

The gap between what we want to find or our attempt to maintain what we have, allow cosmetics companies to earn billions and sell us products accompanied by spectacular images and promises.

But once every few years, there are discoveries that change the way we look at things: the Israeli company LEOREX is doing just that – thanks to the innovation that it has brought it to the field, and has already managed to sell over 12 million products worldwide.

The nuclear engineer who invented his wife's wrinkle mask

"All cosmetics in the world are based on chemical compounds that try to cope with skin aging", explains Dr. Erez Manor, an active partner in the development of the LEOREX formula.

"Our products are the only ones based on physics without the use of active chemicals. All products are based on silica that allows the skin to solidify by approaching its particles – this is a worldwide patent that proves itself and brings a line to the anti-aging field."

Indeed, unlike substances that try to fill or cover the wrinkles, such as Botox, injections or creams, the LEOREX formula simply "lifts" the wrinkles, allowing for smoother skin appearance.

Prof. Dov Ingman

The company's products have been selling to cosmeticians around the world for years and are sold in the millions mainly in the US, Canada, Japan, Russia, South Korea and Israel. The exclusive formula was developed by the retired Prof. Dov Ingman, a nuclear engineer from the Israeli Technion, asked by his wife to produce a cream to stop skin aging.

Realizing the magnitude of the change caused by the cream – they decided to spread the gospel and started producing more products.

The "Booster": A Gold Mask with Immediate Effect

In the past year, after extensive research and development, a series of gold products have been added to the product range, which in addition to the silica component also incorporates 24k gold particles.

The series is considered particularly popular thanks to the immediate effect of gold on firming and clarifying, with the flagship product in the gold series being the "Booster", which has gained admiration for the incredible impact and qualities it gives the skin.

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"The 'Booster' is a gold mask that we recommend applying twice a week and before important events" , says Dr. Manor. "As seen with many celebs, the use of gold masks has become one of the leading trends in the grooming world, but with our products, it is more significant because of the silica particle network that stays on the skin even after washing the mask and manages to bring the skin immediately to a firm feeling and appearance of deep cosmetic treatment” .

"Precise integration between wealth and lightness"

"I have a clear preference for very expensive products of leading companies," says Hila (37). "Personally, the LEOREX products were a surprise to me. Although they do an amazing job on the skin, they are light and pleasant. It's always hard for me to find this combination of richness and lightness but this one is accurate. The skin feels nourished and glowing but without the heaviness".

Mali (40), Also has experimented with products and talks about "a sense of airiness with a neutral and unobtrusive scent. The eye gel is my favorite product – it feels like stardust that I sprinkle on in the morning and evening and it blends in well with the makeup I use after it” .

"You can give up injections and Botox"

"Our goal is to get adolescent women to understand that they don't have to take expensive and invasive means that unfortunately involve a lot of side effects, to achieve a youthful, glowing appearance," emphasizes Dr. Manor.

"Our system has revolutionized the field and it's important to know it before resorting to other means. Our gold product range provides an excellent response at an excellent price. It has a day and night cream, an eye gel with gold particles, a rich serum that unifies skin tone and of course our booster that is impossible without it.”

LEOREX "All in one" Gold Set
Price: 240$ (instead of 370$)

  • LEOREX Booster 24K Gold Anti-aging Masks (Single Product Price – 95$)
  • LEOREX Gold Serum (Single Product Price – 95$)
  • LEOREX Gold Eye Gel (Single Product Price – 90$)
  • LEOREX Moisturizer Gold Cream (Single Product Price – 90$)
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