Pleasant Addictions: 5 series that must be seen on Netflix

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Netflix has long since become a necessity in any home that loves on-demand quality and variety. We have put together 5 series which are simply mandatory. If you haven't seen them yet, give yourself some serious binge time.


The award-winning Breaking Bad is by far one of the most successful American crime dramas ever. Luckily – it's on Netflix, too.

Walter White, a gray-haired high school chemistry teacher, has been diagnosed with lung cancer and decides it's the best time to get into the drug and crime business (because hey, what else does he have to lose).

Thanks to his chemist skills, he, along with a former student, becomes an elite producer of one of the most sought after drugs: Crystal Meth. The heroic motive behind this is the funding of expensive medical care, and concern for the financial well-being of his family after he dies – and it makes everything interesting, engaging, and empathetic.


Black Mirror is all you couldn't imagine and is always at least two more steps ahead.

"Black Mirror" is a British series consisting of chapters that each stands on its own and deals with a particular technological development – and the way it will affect humanity in the not so distant future.

Chip transplantation in humans, social networks that completely change our daily behavior, a consciousness stored on server farms and robots that turn into killing machines – with all this and more, the series sends a clear message: Progress has a dark and dangerous side as well, and we must be aware of it.


The excellent series, which received amazing reviews and a particularly high score in the various ratings, tells the true story of drug mogul Pablo Escobar from the late 1970s to the early 1990s.

The fact that this is a true story makes it all the more interesting and exciting and introduces us to the dark worlds of cocaine production and trade, Escobar's manipulation of the law enforcement agencies trying to catch him, the hunt, crimes, and personal relationships. This is a powerful, exciting and intriguing series and is one of Netflix's most successful productions. Season four is on the way, so you have time to enjoy three nerve-racking seasons.


Sometimes comedies, too, can break boundaries, engage in existential philosophical questions and drag on them a devout fan base.

Rick and Morty is an animated series, but it is not for children – and is ranked among the 10 best television series of all time according to the IMDB website.

The series follows the feats of a genius alcoholic named Rick Sanchez and his innocent grandson Morty Smith, in parallel and distant worlds that, of course, affect both of them in the family home.

The series raises deep philosophical questions about the essence of life, reality, the dimensions of the universe and more, and certainly opens its head to existential thought.

You have 4 whole seasons for deep thinking, with more episodes in the works.


Another great series that the whole world is talking about, and you better understand what everyone is talking about too.

The "Professor" is a mysterious and sophisticated man who has devised a meticulous plan for the greatest robbery in history. He recruits eight criminals who have nothing to lose, to commit to an intensive, multi-month study of the course of action, diversion and rules of the Great Robbery, which will take place in Spain's royal mint. The objective: Print 2.4 billion unmarked euro banknotes – an amount that will set them up for life and leave them a little surplus.

The Professor's program is no less ingenious and takes into account every detail that can happen during the robbery and investigation, except for one thing – the fact that it is humans that no one can plan to the end. It is a series that leaves a taste for more, with two excellent and sweeping seasons so far. By the way, the series is in Spanish – making it even better.

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