For NIS 599,000 you can buy land on the sea in Herzliya, Israel

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The "Tchelet Beach" project is part of the outline plan that the Herzliya Municipality is promoting with great vigor - on the first line to the Israeli sea, near the luxurious Herzliya Pituach neighborhood

On the beach and next to the Herzliya Marina in Israel, The Tchelet Beach neighborhood will be established alongside public buildings, educational institutions, as well as a prestigious hotel complex and promenade along the coast.

The new neighborhood is part of Herzliya's new master plan, which is currently being promoted by Mayor Moshe Fadlon and designed by former Tel Aviv City architect Danny Kaiser.

The Tchelet Beach complex is expected to cover 550 acres, connecting the various parts of Herzliya, and will include 12,000 housing units that will strengthen the city's economic development. "Property real estate" began marketing land for the project area for only NIS 599,000, and opened to small investors the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of the complex.

Take advantage of the price gap at this time

Today, investment in real estate in major areas of Israel, such as Tel Aviv, Herzliya, and Ramat Hasharon, is reserved for buyers who have millions of shekels available. Prices are astronomical mainly because of the high prices of the land when they receive all the building permits.

Property, which markets the land following Standard 22 for safe investments, offers the land in Herzliya at a relatively low price thanks to the early stage of the investment – a purchase before the change of the urban city plan. The gap in the price of land between this phase and the next is the largest, and investors who want to enjoy the significant benefits of the compound should hurry and buy soon.

Company executives said the projected value of the land after approving the detailed plan would be NIS 1.82 million – i.e. a profit of NIS 1.22 million, or a return of 222% on the investment. Investors who also want to continue building on the land will also benefit from the entrepreneurial profit expected to be NIS 880,000 higher.

The apartments are valued at NIS 4.4 million

A look at the real estate market in Israel, proves that buying an apartment is an almost impossible investment for the majority of the population, and for those who can, it has in most cases become too expensive and unprofitable.

In recent years, government measures have placed general uncertainty on the market's direction and made it stagnant. The opportunity to purchase land, in one of the hottest areas of the country, allows small investors and young couples to invest in real estate at reasonable prices.

To understand the potential profit for those who purchase the land in the complex, the appraiser assesses from Standard 22 on the area on the Tchelet Beach, pricing out a 4-room apartment on a 100 sq.m. area for NIS 4.4 million. Similar areas near the sea, in other cities, from Ashdod to Hadera, have seen prices rise drastically in recent years – because these are rare and declining areas and are constantly in demand, so even in the case of Herzliya, the company expects prices to skyrocket as construction begins.

As mentioned, the plan for the establishment of the Tchelet Beach project is being promoted by the Herzliya municipality and everyone seems to have an interest in its rapid approval. Therefore, it is likely that with each progression of the plan land prices in the complex will jump dramatically, and those who buy at the current price, will be able to enjoy incredible returns in the near term.

Interested in purchasing land on Tchelet Beach?

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