Super Mario, Sonic and Dangerous Dave: Our 7 favorite nostalgic computer games

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They were all our world during childhood, but in today's technological age, many do not remember the magic of Super Mario, Sonic and Dave. We've provided you with a summary and reminder of 7 games from the previous decades

By Sally Sabag

The gaming world is booming, it's an industry that rolls more money than music and movies, and no wonder even Google is about to fall into the category of gaming consoles of its own.

Miss the old computer games? You will be surprised to find that even today, classic games can be downloaded and played on our computer for a few megabytes of storage, or better yet – some of them can be played on a smartphone. Here are six nostalgia-filled games from the Eighties and Nineties.

Dangerous Dave

Minimal, charming and simple gameplay that best reflects the stone-age of gaming. In the game that came out on the computer at the end of the eighties, we control Dave as he skips over obstacles like fire, water, and monsters, every step we have to collect diamonds and most importantly a trophy that will allow us to go through the door and get to the next level.

The good part is that you don't have to search and download Dave, you can play it on the MyClick site, bringing us straight back to computer lessons at school, where Dave was the savior who helped us pass the time.


Even older people who have never played, can not remain indifferent to the cool, beautiful hedgehog, which, you will never get out of memory, it's an iconic icon, like the Beetle car design.

Let's start from the end, Sonic didn't go anywhere, he's still here with the Sonic Forces game released on the new consoles two years ago. The first game for Sega's Mega Drive consoles, Sonic the Hedgehog, came out in 1991 and began a glorious series that lasted for something like 20 games.

At a high speed that was revolutionary for gaming of that era, Sonic the blue hedgehog collects gold coins and performs pest control along the way, on an island that looks like paradise on earth with sun, water, vegetation and lots of living things. In the long run, our goal is to stop Dr. Robotnik, who plans to take over Sonic Island.

The Prince of Persia

A game that seems similar to Dave, but it's an illusion, as if planned because the Persian Prince looks like Dave 2.0. There is a giant leap in every parameter, Dave is always upright – the prince also bends over. Dave lands on solid surfaces – the Prince can land on uneven ground and requires concentration so as not to fall. Dave collects diamonds – The Prince may drink a poisonous drink that will kill him. Dave fires a gun from a distance – the Prince fights a sword face to face. The games came out at the same time, the end of the Eighties, and the hierarchy was such that Dave's graduates would advance to the Prince of Persia.

The Prince of Persia can also be played online on a journey to the past. Smartphones have an extra, and you can download the game "The Prince of Persia: Escape," which was released exclusively just a year ago.

Super Mario

Another glorious series of games that began in the Eighties and lasted many years, with many sequels and films. Our hero Mario is neither a combat soldier nor a great fighter with supernatural powers, he is all a professional plumber, as you can see from the extra-left and right-hand services.

Mario, the owner of the eternal red overalls, also has a family partner – his brother Luigi in the green overalls. Luigi joins us in case we play with two players, or in certain situations in a game where Mario needs help and Luigi is there, does his thing and then leaves.

There is not much to talk about the game because most of us know it and it is simple and cute at record levels, Mario crushes enemies and runs away from obstacles to eventually reach Princess Peach (Toadstool).

You can download Super Mario's first game released in 1985, Super Mario Brothers. The fifth game is also worth downloading, The World of Super Mario (1992).

On smartphones, there is one major game of Super Mario – "Super Mario Run"


Golden Axe

Once upon a time, video games were an exclusive business, not everyone had a computer or console at home, and had to get out of the house to enjoy the experience. Generations of children and teens grew up in the lively arcades with loud music and colorful lights, an entire scene where Golden Axe was one of the strongest games.

In the game, you have to choose one of three characters: Gilius Thunderhead, Tyris Flame or Ax Battler. You've got to eliminate giants, knights, orcs, and skeletons to eventually reach the big boss: Death Adder. Each of the characters has their fighting skills and magic, which will help you achieve the Golden Axe at the end of the game.


You'll probably get some funny looks if you try to explain to today's gamers that Call of Duty is just a spin-off of Doom –  the revolutionary first-person shooter game for its era that came out in 1993. Doom was the first war game in which the three-dimensional screen is one big field of vision behind a rifle. This game gave new meaning to "violence" an even the gameplay turned killing bad monsters a lot more realistic.


How can we talk about gaming without the most popular sports game in Israel? The first game of the FIFA series came out at the end of 1993 ahead of the USA World Cup, but there was no official game of the tournament. It only contained national teams, and yes, Israel was there too. The names of the players as mentioned were fictional, but the game engine was revolutionary in comparison to the football games from previous years, with cheering crowds, more realistic players' movements in the game, the goal celebrations and the cup raising at the end.

FIFA 97 is also worth a download, because it was the first game to also contain leagues and teams, and the players' names were real. This is where the business started to get serious. It also had a 5-by-5 football game, a cool aspect that never came back to FIFA afterward.

As usual, old FIFA games cannot be played on smart devices, there is only a computer option.

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