Hardwood-style remains – and this year it gets a fresh and warm makeover

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The year 2020 brings with it a variety of innovations from the design world: furniture, kitchen, bathrooms, and accessories expressed with shapes, colors, textures, finishes, and materials. Michal Nof, marketing manager of Zahavi Atzmon, talks about the changes this year saw and the trend of hardwood

This year has focused on the look of natural materials, while at the same time reinforcing the 'green' trend: imitation wood, for example, look like the real thing, but it is a synthetic material, which does not harm minerals or natural resources, moreover, it is durable and easy to maintain.

Imitation wood produces surfaces almost identical to the real thing: "Wooden-like tiles in the classic form (planks) are constantly present in the flooring and cladding industries, their development as a product is usually for different sizes," says Nof. "This year there are several innovations and upgrades to the classic wood-like tile: woodcut shapes, textures, different layering patterns that create one complete tile, and more."

“The bathroom has become one of the most interesting rooms in the house"

"Incorporating imitation wood tiles into bathrooms is a practical necessity, but slowly the bathroom has become one of the most interesting design rooms in the home, as we all want a pampering space similar to that of a rustic bed & breakfast, alongside a warm and homely feeling," says Nof. "Today you can enjoy a luxurious, high-quality, inviting bathroom, and get the feeling of almost being on vacation during the day-to-day routine, without the need for regular maintenance."

"You can design an entire surface from imitation wood that creates an impressive look, or, combines classic décor tiles that contain different types of woods and creates unique shapes. Certain parts of the wood are embedded within the base tiles, blending and creating a combination of warm and cold colors. The plus of the material is that it gives the appearance of natural wood but it can come in contact with water, making it easy to clean," concludes Nof.

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