How does the new Aeroflex mattress fit into a small box?

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You can take Europe's best-selling mattress, SIMBA by Aeroflex, home for a trial of 100 nights, with no plastic cover. Shipping is free, and the mattress comes packed in a relatively small carton box.

One of the products that have a significant impact on our quality of life is the mattress we choose to sleep on. But usually, once we have chosen a mattress and paid a fair amount for it – we will not be able to return it, rather we are "stuck" with it for many years.

Some companies allow you to take a new mattress for a short trial only if the mattress remains wrapped in plastic – and between us, who can sleep in a bed that rustles all night? 

The best-selling mattress in Europe

These days, Aeroflex markets the British mattress "SIMBA" – inviting every customer to sleep on it for 100 nights, without the plastic cover. Consumers who order the new mattress will enjoy free shipping within 72 hours of purchase.

The company calls the SIMBA "the perfect mattress." This may sound arrogant, but not far from reality – it is currently the best-selling mattress in Europe, with more than 30,000 ratings out of 4.8 stars out of 5.

Patented revolutionary packaging that saves shipping cost

Developed after years of experimentation and research, the SIMBA mattress includes 2,500 pocket springs, a registered patent that supports the human body but also allows it to move comfortably on the mattress, an elastic Visco layer that adjusts for weight and body heat, and a hypo-allergenic surface that allows for efficient airflow.

The "SIMBA" also revolutionizes packaging, when instead of receiving the full-size mattress by a special courier that costs hundreds of shekels, they decided to vacuum pack the mattress in a specially compact carton box. So, instead of getting a huge, cumbersome package from the courier that doesn't even get into the elevator, Aeroflex sends the mattress in a friendly cardboard box.

How does a mattress come packed in a box?
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